Com AV

Home Theatre and Cinema

A home cinema is NOT an AV system in a lounge room.

A home cinema is NOT an AV system in a lounge room.

Home cinemas are a dedicated room to enjoy an immersive, premium sound and visual experience. Something easy to use that delivers the wow factor to you and your guests.

Com AV has designed and installed home theatres and home cinemas throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast with sound and vision that can really be boasted about. Our designs create experiences that simulate better than going to the movies offering experiences incorporating themed lights, premium theatre seats, 4k projection and we hope you have double brick walls or around your theatre because our professional sound systems will reproduce the sounds like nothing you have ever heard before!

Fire up the popcorn maker and leave the rest to us. Our creations are easy to use, yet powerful in features. Our integration and product knowledge in this field is what sets us apart from others.

Still not sure about using Com AV? Send us an online enquiry or give us a call. We can arrange a demo with one of many of our happy clients. We don't need to try and sell these systems. We just let our happy clients tell you all about their immersive home cinema experiences.