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Security Camera Systems

Com AV are industry leading experts in CCTV security cameras. We supply and install high-definition home security cameras for residential properties. CCTV camera systems are an effective security deterrent, but they are only as good as the footage that they capture. If the images are low quality, or if there are critical spaces not covered by your cameras, then offenders will not be identified, and your home security camera system will be useless.

There have been many advancements in security camera technology over the last few years. Chances are if your system is pre-2020, you may be missing out on many new benefits of artificial intelligent security including

Record and capture above 4K in ultra-high definition

Follow suspicious subjects using pan, tilt, and zoom

Know if the subject is animal, human or vehicle

Record human or vehicle events only

Not record unwanted events like leaves falling, trees moving, and rain drops

Notify you immediately when a person or vehicle is in view

Allow you to arm your cameras like a security system

New cameras with bright lights and alarm sounds now allow you to arm cameras for person an / or vehicle detection. If an event occurs, you will be notified by the smart phone app and the camera will deter the suspect by sounding an alarm and flashing internal strobe lights. Why use a strobe light? Of course, to attract the suspects attention to the camera and get that perfect face shot for the police.

Many CCTV systems quietly record incidents, and it’s not until the following day you work out something is not quite right. More thieves are aware of security systems, so they wear hoodies or other apparel to disguise themselves. If a theft or break-in is about to occur, we want to know a system is ready to perform and let you know to help stop the incident from occurring in the first place.

Artificial Intelligent security systems with zone intrusion and line crossing technology will help protect your home and assets. We like to think of this new technology stopping any criminal activity before it occurs.

AcuSense Cameras for Real Time Protection

The AcuSense series from Hikvision include an inbuilt audio alarm and strobe light. If an incident occurs on your property, this CCTV system will activate a strobe light on the camera and play a recorded audio message advising that your property is under video surveillance. You will also receive an instant live notification via your smart phone app or email that there has been human movement detected on your property.

Colour Night-Vision Cameras

Traditional CCTV systems with IR (infra-red) lighting for night monitoring played back in black and white. What colour was the car? What colour jacket did the intruder have on? Black and white vision can make these questions impossible to answer.

ColourVu technology by Hikvision capture and store all your night-time footage in full colour under very low light conditions. You can now see full colour and high-quality images in the dark. This leading-edge camera technology makes identifying night-time events and subjects much easier with full colour capability.

Two Way Communication

Two-way audio options allow audio recording and the use your smart phone to speak out of the camera. This makes suspicious events a safer option. Open the app and listen in real time. Don’t go outside just to listen to something while you can monitor the situation from a safe distance

We also provide full integration with home control and automation for lighting control. Alarm outputs can turn on lights or close gates on time schedules.

Com AV has installed CCTV systems and home security cameras through-out Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We provide security camera systems for residential homes and large acreage properties.