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Home Wired and Wireless Networks

High Speed Wireless Mesh Internet. Long Range Wi-Fi for inside and outside your house

Wireless networks in homes are generally provided by the Telco provider or a domestic supplier. The domestic wireless networks sold and distributed by these companies are very low power and in many cases will not fill your whole house with a good wireless Wi-Fi connection. Com AV can offer solutions that can increase your home wireless network to offer Wi-Fi ranges of over 100 meters. As more people connect to your Wi-Fi network, the domestic Wi-Fi solutions suffer congestion resulting in poor wireless performance. Com AV has the solution for every home network. We can look at your existing system and install turn-key products that can seamlessly connect your whole house. Our Wi-Fi mesh solutions will give you one wireless connection that automatically change to different access points throughout the house without causing any internet dropouts. This is great for wireless streaming or video communications when you are wandering around the house.

High Speed 4G / 5G Mobile Broadband Installation

Are you in a remote location where you can’t get good internet? Or maybe your mobile phone just won’t work, and you need some type of booster so you can just answer a phone call in your remote location. Our turn-key 4G / 5G broadband network installations may be the solution you are looking for. Many cases that determine good mobile coverage. The key to a good 4G / 5G mobile broadband network is the connection from the best tower in your demographic area. Sometimes this is not your closest tower. Factors like signal strength, tower congestion and jitter need to be assessed before you can deploy the right solution for your remote broadband network. Com AV can provide comprehensive 3G / 4G / 5G mobile broadband site surveys to ensure a full assessment of an area by correctly diagnosing mobile coverage and providing full solution to provide the best internet connection in the street.