Com AV

Churches, Temples and Places of Worship

Places of worship can have unique and often bespoke interiors affecting acoustics. These significant spaces generate reverb (echo), making product selection very important for a sound system that carries throughout the entire congregation.

It is important to be equipped with the power, connectivity and dynamics required to deliver clear audio and vision across the venue space.

Sound and visions systems for churches, mosques, temples or other place of worship require careful consideration. In providing a solution for your community space, Com AV will audit and consider all aspects of the input devices, effective coverage dynamics, existing structures and, importantly, ease of operation.

You should not need to outsource, or engage an AV operator to monitor and run your system. Our systems solutions for churches and places of worship automatically adjust and regulate sound and mixing so so you can stay focused on the ceremony and your congregation. Minor adjustments can be made with smart phones for elevated, privileged users.

Wireless microphone systems offer crystal-clear sound, whether you're speaking from the altar, pulpit, or amongst the audience. Our hand-picked receivers and wireless microphones are reliable, cost-effective and support a scalable number of microphones. We also look at cost-effective system input and output expansion combined with our rental stock. If you need sound or vision reinforcement for a major event, we have you covered.

Live camera and big screen production is also our specialty. We offer broadcast quality HD video systems capable of live video streaming on all your social media channels. If you are looking for a big screen with video production we have plenty of experience to bring your services to a new level and engage your congregation like never before.

We offer 24/7 support for mission critical systems throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Combine this with a service level agreement for peace of mind. Rest assured Com AV will offer a cost effective and reliable system that will make operating your service an enjoyable experience for all.