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Smart Home Automation

Imagine just your voice, your presence or an app swipe on your phone could almost anything in your home. The most common control is lighting and security, but smart home installations can control your TVs, steam music into different rooms, water the garden, open and close blinds, or widows, and even make your coffee once you awaken in the morning. Billions of smart devices now connected to the internet. Many people think the concept of a smart home may seem futuristic or out of their reach. The reality is that smart home control and automation is already here, and Com AV has the experience to assist your journey into this exciting new world.

Many major brands already have smart home technology built into their devices. Smart assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are very popular. The voice activated devices can serve as voice inputs for the hub of your smart home. Let us impress you with the best smart home products on the market. We can plan a new home build or just help you with something simple. Once you understand the power and flexibility that a smart home can offer, we are sure you will want to expand your smart automation into the whole house. All systems we offer can expand from a small smart home system to fully integrated smart home.

AV Control
How many remote controls do you already have? It would be nice to have one simple to use remote control for your whole system. This is our passion at Com AV. We are system integrators and careful product selection with years of experience will ensure your control of any AV system throughout your home is a simple and pleasant experience every day. Nobody wants a TV system that takes 3 remote controls and degree in rocket science to operate. Our carefully selected smart home AV remote control systems are tailored to your specific needs. “I don’t want to spend a fortune.” You don’t have to. We have smart home AV control systems to suit every budget. Com AV has designed and installed many smart homes with AV control in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Smart Home HVAC Control
A smart home with HVAC integration will ensure a cost-effective automated climate in your home. Com AV has designed and installed many smart homes with HVAC control in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Comfort Without Waste
Let’s face some facts here. No one wants to waste power. It’s an expensive resource that impacts our environment and hits your back pocket just as hard. We adjust our air conditioners to a pleasant room temperature to suit the weather conditions. Sometimes we can set the temperature and let it run all day and night. We often don’t consider any changes if the outside temperature rapidly drops or increases. Our smart home systems can be integrated to door, window and blind controls. If the temperature outside is less than the inside temperature, our HVAC integrated smart home controls can turn off the air conditioning off in a room if a door is left open. Close the door and the air will turn back on to reach your ideal temperature. The system can turn off air conditioning when the ideal inside and outside temperature is detected. If smart home window automation is installed, this action could open some windows when a breeze is detected in a direction that will ventilate the house efficiently. Rain on the way? Don’t worry the rain sensors combined with local radar updates will ensure the windows close before you need to get the mop out. The smart home system is programmed to avoid any unnecessary energy use.

Feel Your Best at Home
Arriving home to a hot house? Imagine a smart home that knows you are within 5 kilometres of home and you like a nice cool 25°C house to arrive home to. With geofence and smart phone tracking, your smart home is preparing for your return adjusting the temperature and humidity for your preferences. Welcome home!

Cost Effective Cooling or Heating
Lowering the temperature indoors by 1°C can give energy savings of up to 6%. Every time you leave the house and arm the alarm, the smart home system will automatically conserve by either adjusting or turning off your HVAC systems. Once you arrive home, the temperature returns to your preferred temperature. Alarm PIR sensors can detect movement in rooms to control efficiency. The system can follow your movements in the house to ensure your personal space is always they way it like it. Now you can save money without sacrifice.

Smart Home App and Remote Control
There are times when you need your rooms to be more cooled or heated than the automatic temperature settings in the schedule you have selected. You might be fully automated, but you still have full control. It’s your home, so just ask Google to set the temperature in the lounge room to 27°C or use the smart phone app to adjust the temperature in any given room.

Air Quality in Your Home
When we spend time indoors, we want to know that our inside air quality for well-being is being checked so we can always breathe quality. HVAC smart home can integrate with CO sensors to monitor these important levels. High CO levels can send you a push notification and trigger any event like opening automated windows or air purifiers. Enjoy the fresh air and relax. The smart home is looking after you!

Smart Home Lighting Control
A smart home with smart light integration will ensure a cost-effective automated lighting system in your home. Com AV has designed and installed many smart homes with smart light control in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

What is Smart Lighting?
Smart lighting is how we can control lighting around your home. It either replaces the conventional wall switch, or we leave the switch on and swap your conventional light bulb to a smart bulb. Once the bulb or switch is replaced, most people connect their smart lights to a smart phone app, or a voice assistant like Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. So now you have a smart light bulb, or a smart circuit, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘smart lighting’. Let’s look at the 2 most common types of smart lighting

Smart Light Modules
Smart lighting modules are generally installed behind the light switch. This smart light retrofitting method is very cost effective. You do not need to rewire your whole house. The smart devices behind your light switch and be used normally and controlled wirelessly. You do need a licensed electrician to replace these devices. This does not exactly mean an electrician is the best option to design and deploy your smart home system. We are integrators. Electricians are generally not smart home integrators. Com AV has spent many years sourcing the right equipment to meet Australian electrical safety standards. We use preferred electricians that install the devices we specify, and they leave the advanced side of programming to us. Com AV are integrators. Electricians are not integrators.

Smart Bulbs
Smart bulbs have the smarts built into the base of the lightbulb. They are designed to be a straight swap out for the conventional light bulb. They can create different colours to simulate different moods. Smart bulbs require you to leave the physical switch on. It will not work if you turn off the light switch. This is a major floor if you are designing a fully automated smart home with lighting control. Smart bulbs have great purpose if you just want a light to turn on or off by a smart phone app or smart assistant voice commands. If you want to control many lights and still want easy overriding wall switch control, we at Com AV suggest the smart light modules over the smart light bulbs.

Smart Light Bulbs or Smart Light Modules?
Do you want colour, or do you want seamless control? Only smart light modules meet the criteria of smart lighting. A smart light bulb cannot turn on if the user has turned off the light at the light switch. No system is better than the other, as they both have different pros and cons. You can’t change the colour of a light bulb at the switch. The colour is controlled by the smarts inside the base of the light bulb. Both smart light bulbs and smart light modules can be used in conjunction with one another. A well-designed smart home lighting solution can create amazing and well controlled lighting effects. The different technologies complement each other when combined into a smart home lighting control system. Com AV can bring out the best with careful planning and programming of your smart home system

What is the best smart lighting solution for me?
You’ve made the decision. You want to control your lights from your smartphone or with your voice. Where do you begin? You can spend countless hours trying to find the right equipment, spend just as long trying to configure it the way you want. Or you can contact us at Com AV. We are experts in smart home lighting and home automation. We are happy to help you on small projects and full home automation projects. Leave the complex programming and integration to the experts. We are Com AV and we are willing to help all of our customers with any smart home project on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

Smart Home Blinds and Windows

Make your blinds and windows smart by allowing fresh air into your home. Our smart home systems can control your natural home environment by constantly monitoring and automatically opening and closing the blinds or windows. Improve your health and well-being by bringing fresh air into your home and decreasing the use of your Air conditioning or HVAC system to helps lower your energy bills. Motorized roller binds and sliding windows allow them to open and close automatically based on your smart home preferences.

Studies have shown that the air quality inside your home is 10 times more polluted than the air outside your home. Asthma and allergies worsen in response to exposure to indoor airborne allergens and other contaminants. Healthier air quality and efficient energy savings are now a part of smart homes in Australia. Com AV can source automatic blinds and windows that open and close based on your desired temperature, local weather forecast, or schedule which you set in your smart home. Automatic opening and closing the windows and blinds in your home at precisely the right time can provide sunlight and fresh air from the outdoors to circulate seamlessly through your home.

Smart Home Irrigation Control

A smart home system is not only for inside control. Adding smart home irrigation control is a smart choice resulting in water saving with beautiful lawns and gardens. A smart home sprinkler system that saves water. A healthy, beautiful lawn and garden needs just the right amount of water to thrive. Our smart home outdoor irrigation systems automatically adjust watering based on internet-sourced local weather data. The smart system looks at the forecast and previous history to ensure that just the right amount of water is applied. You can expect significant water savings from your smart home irrigation system. All you need to look after your lawn and garden is in the palm of your hand. Remote access allows full control of your system even when you are not at home. Going on Holidays? Switch over to your front lawn security camera and manually activate the front lawn sprinklers. This is all possible when Com AV integrates your smart home and irrigation control.

Smart Offices and Smart Buildings

Smart automation systems are not only for homes. Hi tech factories and offices, or entire buildings can be integrated into fully automated or smart automated lighting and HVAC systems. Why turn the lights or air conditioning off when you leave work? These devices should all turn on and off when the alarm system is activated or de-activated. Turn lights on only when people are in the room. Turn off the lights, AV systems or air conditioning if there is no activity in the room. Smart Business owners are looking for more energy and time efficient solutions. An energy efficient smart commercial building is good for the investors and good for the environment. Com AV can integrate a seamless automation system for your commercial property. With plenty of happy customers in Gold Coast and Brisbane, we are your cost-effective solution for energy and time saving measures on your business.