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Introducing the next level of security cameras with real time arming and monitoring. The Hikvision Live-Guard solution enables you to add perimeter security to selected cameras . With a Live-Guard system you can arm and disarm your cameras just like an alarm system. 

Once you leave the premises you can arm the security camera system just like an alarm. The advantage of Live-Guard over an alarm system is that your cameras are trained only to see human or vehicle activity. This imbedded AcuSense technology can cause cameras to flash a strobe light, play warning messages and send instant push notifications to your mobile devices. The cameras are still recoding video while Live-Guard is activated.

When the system is disarmed, your cameras will simply turn off the alarm feature record like a standard CCTV camera system.

This combination of alarm and security cameras are a perfect solution for commercial security systems that may require detection of large spaces and outdoor areas. If you still require and alarm, or if you have an existing alarm, these cameras can be integrated into your existing alarm system to trigger just like a standard PIR sensor. Stop the false alarms and use smart detection cameras with AcuSense technology.