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Live production for video streaming and in house broadcast systems used to be reserved for professional outfits with big budgets. Over the last 10 years we have seen very cost effective broadcast and live streaming solutions entering the field . These systems include live vision switching with virtual sets, still screen graphics, video keying, slow motion and instant replay. Sporting arenas, places of worship, broadcasters, racing industries and leagues clubs all strive to make every seat the best in the house. These systems ensure every camera angle is captured, every inch of the production is covered, or there are no regrets for blinking during that once-in-a-lifetime sporting moment.

Production highlights captivate your audience, allowing for effective advertising and marketing strategies. Producers can captivate the audience while also offering stewards, referees, and coaches the visual verification they need by capturing and slowing down every camera angle on request. These systems are designed for pristine viewing in HD and 4K. Our production and playback solutions provide the ultimate high-resolution quality for immediate production and review with advanced slow motion instant multi-angle playback switching. Whether you are capturing the crowd or examining a controversial moment of play, slow-motion technology offers you crisp, cutting-edge playback that ups the volume for creativity, accuracy, and flexibility throughout the coverage process. Com AV provide permanent and rental solutions for every live production, steaming or broadcast event. If you are looking for a broadcast solution that packs a punch, contact us today. We provide permanent and rental solutions for customers throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.