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SMART BUILDING Automation and analytical data for Building and Facilities Management

Brisbane and Gold Coast building owners have a growing emphasis on analytics and automation. These systems increase efficiency in commercial buildings. Find out your how Com AV can help you become energy efficient and make decisions on real time data.

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Smart devices in your building can control and monitor critical systems. These systems can capture information like occupant movement, people density, carbon dioxide and fresh air levels. This information can automate tasks and give you the power to make analytical informed decisions. Smart commercial systems can also be remotely viewed and controlled. These systems can help become energy efficient and combat infectious disease risks like COVID.

Measuring energy efficiency and collecting real-time data is valuable. The essential backbone of the system is a well connected network of management infrastructure. Com AV are experts in large scale networks and fiber optic networks. Our product knowledge and experience will give you a cost effective networked building automation solution. These solutions help reduce energy consumption while creating a smart and safe environment for all occupants.

We start by monitoring and automating systems that run on power. These include lighting, HVAC and air conditioning, and security. Sensors are installed throughout the building that work together as a system. These systems fetch data and send them to a secure building analytics platform. This platform then mines the data to help you make cost effective changes in building management to optimize energy efficiency.

Our commercial solutions can offer significant reductions energy consumption. We can also help with integrations like number plate recognition for parking access, smart room booking, indoor positioning for asset and inventory tracking, health monitoring, and smart trash. 

Com AV can offer you the smartest office or building space. Take advantage our local and expert knowledge if you are on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. If you are outside this area, please call us or contact us by our online enquiry form.