Com AV

Commercial / Sports Bar and Restaurant

A company that knows all the service providers and like Foxtel, TAB, Nightlife and can help provide the best and easiest to use entertainment audio visual system possible. If you are looking for any high quality no fuss installation, Com AV will get the job done. If you already have a system and you are not happy with its floors, we can also help you. We see plenty of sub-standard jobs and we enjoy turning these into an enjoyable system to operate.

First, we look at your network. Everything runs on your network. If it does not run on your network now, it will shortly. A good network infrastructure is the key a good AV installation. Our installations include IPTV and MATV distributed TV systems for themes like sports bars and TAB or Keno style pubs. We have all the industry contacts and specialty knowledge to streamline these services into your system.

Background music systems can include integration to your TVs with systems like Nightlife. Our PA (public address) and BGM (background music) systems can set that perfect vibe for bars, and restaurants. We use DSP (digital signal processing) technology to create a very powerful, yet simple to use system. These professional audio systems can be accessed by smart phones or programmed for time specific or automatic features. Our systems are so smart, they just about think for themselves. We know when the microphone is being used, or if the band is about to play and the sound system will automatically switch over. Time specific features know it’s early in the morning, so they start background music at a low volume. We can even sense the number of people in the room and adjust the volume accordingly.

Best of all, our 24/7 support with remote support capabilities allows us to help you without even visiting your venue. We can help you with adjustments and small changes remotely via your internet connection. Worried about internet security? Don’t worry we are experts in network design and security.

Imagine a single company for all your network, audio, and visual and automation needs. Com AV are specialists in entertainment venues including pubs, bars, and nightclubs. 

Are you having problems with sound restrictions and venue licensing? We can help control the level specified by your liquor licensing agreement.

We offer 24/7 support for mission-critical systems throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Combine this with a service-level agreement for peace of mind.

Rest assured Com AV will offer a cost-effective and reliable system that will make operating your service an enjoyable experience for all.