Com AV

Commercial Solutions

Transform your commercial buildings and office spaces into smart, sustainable environments with Com AV. Leveraging our extensive experience and product knowledge, we deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our offerings include business-grade network design with fibre optic and high-speed network backbones, complementing both wired and wireless computer networks. This opens up possibilities for IPTV, MATV, and BGM systems. We also provide VOIP and intercom systems, security camera and CCTV systems, all seamlessly integrated into one network.

Enhance your operations with our smart building analytics and automation for remote monitoring and energy efficiency. Com AV designs, installs, and supports all your commercial systems, with remote and on-site support packages available for Brisbane and Gold Coast customers.

Ensure your business operates cost-effectively and efficiently with Com AV at your service.

Places of Worship

Enhance the spiritual experience with tailored audio-visual solutions

Office and Boardroom

Empower your team meetings with state-of-the-art communication systems

Restaurant and Bar

Create the perfect atmosphere or sports betting environment with customised AV systems

Showroom and Retail

Engage customers with dynamic digital signage, interactive displays and background music systems

Stadium and Track

Amplify the spectator experience with large-scale display and sound systems